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Why Choose Solargize for Your Solar Needs?

We Work With the Best Installers in the Industry

At Solargize, we do our homework on any installer that we partner with. We understand that the installer is just as important as the cost of the system because this will be the company that is responsible for your warranty — you will get professional installers with top-notch service! ​

Our Competitive Pricing

We cut our overhead costs down so our clients can rest assured that they are getting the best price for their system. ​

We Include an Industry-Leading Warranty

At Solargize, we believe that our customers deserve to have peace of mind, and that’s why you can rest assured knowing that your system is covered for up to 25 years for both the maintenance and any repair that your system may need.

You’ll Receive Top-Tier Solar Panels

Your home is unique. That’s why we believe that it’s important to utilize the solar panels that work best to meet your specific needs, allowing you to customize a system that works for you.

We Provide a Single Point of Contact

We don't sell solar, we live solar. So whenever you need anything, you will have a single point of contact to help you with your solar experience. You will never get the run-around. We are not obligated to any panel.


Solargize Customizes Your System to the Renewable Energy Standard / Tax Credit Section:

A 26% tax credit is currently available for solar panels. This will be 26% of the total system cost. This tax credit will decrease in 2021. With the escalating cost of electricity, there is no concrete method that shows us just how much of an increase in cost we will see, but an increase is imminent.

Keep your electric costs down and help the environment!

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